Aluminium free natural deodorant that works!
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About us

Our story began 10 years ago when our first daughter was born 3 months premature with no answer as to why...we started thinking and worrying about all the different kinds of chemicals we were using everyday in our cleaning and hygiene products and consuming in our foods which could consequently have an effect on your health.

We started to decrease chemicals from our lives by researching and looking for cleaner products, including deodorant. We couldn't find a deodorant that was completely chemical free on the market. Our search became greater after subsequent loses of pregnancies over the years to come. We started to create and use our own deodorants which contain all natural products with NO aluminium and also share them with our family and friends.

We used their feedback to create our final product which we launched at the Natural & Organic Supershow in Melbourne on March the 12th 2016.

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